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Poems From Our Young People

National Overall Winner


Care Kids

We scream, we shout, we kick and slam doors
But no one understands the pain we’ve been through before.
We take drugs and get drunk till we can’t feel pain no more.
Then bring us to secure accommodation where we’re locked behind 12 doors.
You will never see us cry, not even a tear
Cause we have learnt a sign of weakness is something to be feared.
We smile, we laugh but that is our fake mask.
All our wee hearts are broke, and some can’t be fixed.
We have all learnt to deal with our problems through fighting with our fists.
We have no place to call home, always feeling alone.
Sick of hearing “phone call at 6” “lack meeting tomorrow”
“these are the rules that you have to follow”
“family contact at 9” “core meeting at 10”
Everything we say you write down with a pen
“You can’t be with him, nor with her, we’re only saying this because we care”
It’s like we are all screaming for help, but no one can hear.
But we can’t ask for help because that’s also something to be feared.
We fall asleep wondering why we weren’t enough
We wake up every morning more emotionally tough,
Like nothing in this world would ever bother us
We fall in love with each other but it’s not love; it’s just lust,
Because how could we love anyone else when we think no one loves us?
The sad thing is we would do anything to make sure someone else isn’t bad
Because we know what it’s like to feel so sad.
We still stand tall even though it’s been tough
Even though it’s been hard, even though it’s been rough.
We miss our friends a lot, and family so much, and would
Do anything to get back in touch.
We use and abuse but yous blame and accuse,
Yous type up on the computer your views
For your next meeting to review our behaviour
You make my life decisions based on a piece of paper.
We run away, need a place to stay, countless drug debts that we cannot pay.
We sell our clothes, we sell our shoes, for any drug for us to use.
Something needs to be done.  Something needs to change.
But if things go wrong yous are not to blame
We need more support we need more love.
After all we are all still very young, and such a cruel world we live among
I hope and pray that every care kid makes it to the light at the end of the tunnel!