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Top Tips for Guardians Meeting Me


  • Listen to what I am telling you.

  • Please don’t assume that you know what is best for me.

  • Make sure you have understood what I have said and what I want.

  • When you write your report, use my words, and what I have said   to tell the Judge how I think and how I feel.

  • Don’t reword what I say.

  • Please be considerate and understand what I have been through.

  • Always speak to me on my own in a place where I am comfortable to talk to you.

  • Make me feel like I matter, don’t make me feel like an appointment.

  • Please keep me informed.

  • It was helpful when my guardian explained all the options that were being looked at with me. 

  • Let children and young people know that if they want to meet the Judge, not to be worried. If they want to meet the Judge, it is important that they have that chance.