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What Mattered to Me?

Listen to our Young People  …   What Mattered to Me?


  • I was able to meet the Judge and tell him what I wanted.
  • My Guardian took everybody’s views into account and I felt like I was finally listened to at a time when I didn’t have much of a voice.
  • My Guardian was able to tell me about what was going on in the Courts and explain the process. I was also able to see the Court Room before the Final Hearing.
  • I was also spoken to by myself.
  • I wanted to be talked to, not at.
  • Hi, I am 14 and I want to tell you what mattered to me.
  • When my Guardian visited me, I felt my views were being taken into consideration. The fact she took time to sit and listen and write things down help me to finally see my views were going to be listened to.
  • I got offered to speak to the Judge but I was nervous and felt my Guardian did a perfect job to help get my points across, and how I felt.
  • My Guardian informed me on what was happening. It made me feel really involved even when I was not there.
  • The fact that the children got to be explain everything, who are experiencing things was great.
  • My Guardian came back to check in case I changed my mind.
  • I have kept a good Social Worker a long time.
  • And I would like to tell you what mattered to me.
  • That I was listened to, my opinions and thoughts weren’t diluted and my Guardian spoke to me alone.
  • That my Guardian spoke to others outside of the immediate situation to get a different perspective.
  • I felt supported and trusted my Guardian to make the correct decision for me.
  • That my Guardian still worked at NIGALA when I returned to get copies of my files and helped me later in life as well. So much so we still meet for coffee and she will be at my wedding next week.
  • That my Guardian wrote the files in a positive, structured manner so they were easier to read.
  • My Guardian told me some of the contents of her interventions with others for clarification as my mother was being dishonest with her.
  • My Guardian was able to read between the lines with my moods and changes but Social Worker didn’t.
  • My Guardian had no gender bias.
  • People need to really listen and not just waiting for their turn to speak.