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Below are some frequently asked questions.


Here are some of the questions young people ask us about Guardian Ad Litem, what we do and how we can help them. Have a look and if there are still questions you’d like answered, get in touch using our feedback form.


  • Who are the Guardians ad litem?

    The Guardian Ad Litem works for the Courts.

    The name means: ‘your Guardian in the Court’.

    There are 41 Guardians Ad Litem working in Northern Ireland. To find out more about your own Guardian ad Litem click here. This will bring you to the list of Guardians on the main Guardian ad Litem Agency website.

  • What do Guardians Ad Litem do?

    The guardian ad litem has been asked  by the judge to find out about you.
    The guardian will:

    • speak to you about what you want to happen
      and don’t want to happen and where you want to live
    • speak to all the people who are important to yo
    • work out what he or she thinks should happen
    • tell the judge


  • Where do the Guardians Ad Litem work?

    The guardians work from one of three offices.
    these offices are in:

    • Belfast
    • Derry/Londonderry
    • Armagh

    For further contact information click here