Adoption Proceedings



  • What does adoption mean?

    adoption is when:

    • your stepmum or your stepdad want to make you part of their new family
    • you can no longer live with your ‘real’ mum and dad and another mum and dad want to make you part of their family.
  • How does it happen?

    Once a guardian has spoken to you about:

    • the adoption
    • what you want to happen

    A judge will decide whether or not you should be adopted.

  • Can I still see my ‘real’ family?
    • the guardian will talk to you about who you might want to keep in contact with.

    A judge will decide who you can keep in contact with. this might be by letters and photos or it might be by meeting each other.

    Sometimes the judge will decide that it is not good for you to have contact with some people.