Top Tips for Judges

At our Conference in 2017, we heard from a number of Young People who were care experienced and who had had the support of a Guardian in the past.  We listened to their presentations and, in particular, picked up on a few ‘TOP TIPS’ for the Judges:

  1. Listen to what I tell you
  2. Please read information about Me before we meet to help you understand Who I Am 
  3. Explain to me you might not be able to agree with what I want to happen
  4. Be honest and direct with me about what is possible and safe
  5. Help me to feel comfortable – remember I may feel nervous, so please keep our meeting informal
  6. I might need to ask to meet with you more than once during the proceedings (at the beginning/ in the middle/ as part of the final hearing)
  7. Try to make sure the care proceedings are sorted out faster, not delayed but also not rushed