What is a Care Order?

What does a care order mean?

a care order is when social services…

are worried about the care you have been getting from your parent(s), want to share the responsibility of your care with your parents, take your case to court to get the judge to decide whether it is the right thing for you

what happens with a care order?

social services can make decisions about your care. they may decide that you can:

  • live at home with your parents
  • live with other carers
they can also decide:
  • what help your parents need to look after you better
what help you may need to:
  • get an education, keep healthy
  • work out your feelings
  • keep in contact with your real family if you are not with family at home
how long does a care order last?

a care order can last until you are 18 years old. social services, your parents or you can apply to court before you are 18 to get the care order stopped if things improve a lot.